Over 30 models for construction!

An innovative and special assembly game, with symmetrical parts connecting to countless shapes and figures.
requires thinking, planning and using the imagination, 244 parts and extremely diverse construction options,
A game that moves, engineering for its own sake.

Suitable for several age groups

The game was specially developed for a fun experience and the activation of the senses.
Strengthens eye/hand twin. Fine motor skills. strength and stability.

Start building, playing and enjoying.

With G-trix you think outside the box!

249NIS including shipping

  • Delivery within 10 business days.

Hey. I’m Shmulik.
Thank you for buying the G=TRIX
And this is my story.
I was also once a child and I was looking to build things, my imagination worked overtime and was full of dreams. I imagined how I was building towers, houses, planes, ships, animals and huge dinosaurs.
I looked for how to build things from everything I found. And I succeeded.
You can also imagine that everything is possible, dream and imagine – see that it is possible, dreams really do come true.
That’s why I came up with this invention of the G=TRIX game.
The idea for this game was invented at the beginning of the Corona period when we were in lockdown and it was terribly boring, I had nothing to do and I started building with test sticks from a throat doctor that I had in my case at home in a small package that fell out of my tool cabinet. I started building with the doctor’s sticks, I made symmetrical grooves in them, connected one to the other, and that’s how the G=TRIX was born…
I, as a child, grew up without games and toys, a member of a family of new immigrants, during a period that was called the period of austerity in Israel. But thanks to creativity, imagination and improvisation – there was joy in the house. I also invented the scratch game, which was a global success in 2015. And other patents are registered all over the world.
I thank every child who received one of the G=TRIX systems and I know that you will have hours of fun.
And to every parent who bought the game personally, thank you from me,
Shmulik Landau.

You can write to me by email – and send me photos of models you built.

  • Warranty on all parts of the game for three months.
  • The game from the age of 5
  • Full privacy
  • Cancellation There is no problem canceling the transaction and the refund minus shipping + 10 percent is deducted from the customer
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