Assembly game for the whole family

Over 30 models!

G=trix is an innovative and modular assembly game

The game is suitable for a wide range of ages and contributes to the development of a wide number of skills in children, in a playful and fun way

1. G=trix develops imagination and creativity

In G-trix it is possible to assemble simple structures and objects as well as complex and more complicated structures depending on age and skill level. The possibility of free assembly develops the children’s imagination and creativity.

Dr. Karni Gigi says
Specialist in child psychology

2. G=trix develops the logic

By virtue of being a task-based assembly game, it is possible to learn about strength and stability through simple and intuitive connections that provide an easy and positive building experience

3. G=trix contributes to hand-eye coordination

The ability to coordinate between the visual system and motor skill is an important function for performing daily activities in our lives such as writing, cutting, etc.

4. G=trix Classic family and friend game

It contributes to a shared experience
Creation and play in the kindergarten and at home

5. G=trix contributes to fine motor skills

The parts of G=TRIX come in different sizes and different shapes and the assembly requires an operation of matching the different parts. The wide variety of parts allows assembly at different age levels and different degrees of difficulty, which makes the game interesting, task-oriented and challenging.


Albert Einstein said: Imagination is more important than information, because - knowledge is limited to what we know and understand while imagination contains the whole world and it is abundant and without limits

G=TRIX with special and symmetrical engineering parts makes it possible to build, plan and understand the different geometric shapes in a tangible way, engineering for its own sake!

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